What is a typical Marky Jay Children’s Party?

Here is an example of my circus party. It’s my most popular party package that I’ve run hundreds of times – it’s a hassle-free, proven format for a successful party!


Example of Party timings  

  • 11:45am: I arrive and get music playing for when the guests start to arrive
  • 12 noon: Party starts
  • 12:10pm: I start the show
  • 12:40pm: The show finishes and I send the children to the table for food
  • 1pm (ish!): Birthday cake and song
  • 1:10pm: Circus skills
  • 1:30pm: Games
  • 1:40pm: Home time



I aim to arrive 25 minutes before the start of my show. I’m often arriving from another party, so if I’m going to be less than 25 minutes I’ll always let you know. Once I’m at your venue, my set-up is very quick. I suggest starting my show 10 minutes after the start time of the party on your invitations – this gives latecomers a chance to arrive and for everybody to get settled. I play party music and blow bubbles to keep the children entertained before I start my show.



The Show and Food Break

30 minutes of classic children’s entertainment that features the World’s Fastest Balloon Model, games, juggling, magic tricks with my monkey Steve Chimpington and a final crazy stunt to finish!  Optional break for food I use this time to pack away the show and get the next part of the party ready. When it’s cake time (I recommend at the end of the food – mid-party – to give you time to cut the cake for party bags) I help out by gathering the children and starting the Birthday Song to make sure you’re free to take photos and enjoy the moment.


Circus Skills!

My circus workshops are super fun! They allow the kids to blow off some steam and enjoy themselves in a relaxed and safe way. Anyone can play, so it’s a great opportunity for parents to get involved and have some playtime with their children. I play party music from my own PA (modern family friendly pop music – or I’m also happy to play your playlists) to keep the party vibe alive.


Party Games! 

Three classic party games: Musical Statues, Simon Says, and Grandma’s Footsteps. This is a great chance to see your kids being active, having fun and interacting with other children. My party games are very relaxed with no real winners or losers to avoid tears and keep things fun.

If that sounds like the kind of party you would like for your child then drop me a line via my booking form on my contact page.