Is booking a Party Entertainer right for my child?

Well, in order to answer that, there are a few key things to think about.
Is it the right option for you ? Some parents love the idea of putting on a party, playing games with lots of children and taking charge of keeping the children entertained for the duration of the party. Things that you can do if this sounds like you:
● traditional ​party games
● treasure hunts
● craft​ activities
● sports​ activities
● putting on ​a show​ yourself. Why not? But I appreciate to some people this might sound pretty intimidating. Booking a kids entertainer really takes the pressure off. If you would be happier prepping the food and chatting to the mums and dads then having a high quality children’s entertainer really does make the difference.
Has your child asked for an entertainer?
When children see an entertainer at a party they attend and have a great time at then sometimes they will just come straight out and ask for one at their own party. This makes the choice clear! But I understand booking a children’s entertainer can be an expensive option. There are lots of great alternative suggestions out there, including:
● a ​trampoline​ park
● a ​swimming​ trip
● a ​disco​ party organised by yourself
● any ​activity​ you know your child enjoys with a few of their best friends
You know what your child likes. Trust your gut but make sure you have a chat with them first. If you think hiring a children’s entertainer is the correct choice for you, give me a ring on 07708763654 to have a chat about your party.

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