Party 3 – The Mega Party


Marky gets the party atmosphere going straight away with fun party music as the children arrive. The party starts with the Marky Jay Monkey Magic show, 30 mins of juggling, silliness, magic, slapstick and of course every body’s favourite monkey assistant, STEVE CHIMPINGTON!

Then it’s time for a short break for food and cake!


After the candles are blown out, it’s time to start the super fun circus skills session.


Marky gathers the children, and opens boxes of circus toys that the kids have seen in the show plus a few extra suprises including plate spinning, diabolo, juggling, hula hoops and much more!


Everybody gets to have a go at learning different skills from the show, have a run about and enjoy themselves in a relaxed and safe way as Marky plays party music from his own PA.

After the show-

Marky makes every child their own balloon model doggy or sword.

10 minutes of party games led by marky Jay

30 minutes of circus skills

20 minutes interactive disco


This party can be customised to fit your venue and schedule; from a show in your front room to an afternoon in a church hall. Flexibility is Marky’s middle name.



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