10 tips from Bristols best party entrainer part 1

Over the past five years I’ve picked up lots of knowledge about kids’ parties that I’m going to start sharing in this blog. So let’s start helping you plan a fantastic kid’s party with 10 tips from me. One of the first tips I would give any parent planning a party is not to get too obsessed with the idea that everything needs to go 100% smoothly. It doesn’t. When you throw +30 children together theres always going to be a lot to deal with. But, with a little wisdom and some careful planning you can put on a really great party that will leave you and your child with lots of happy memories.


1. Don’t let your child open birthday presents at their own party, especially if you’re inviting lots of people. Opening presents can completely distract them from the fact that there a party going on.

2. Have a designated table for birthday presents. This looks great and can make a nice backdrop to the birthday cake photo, as well as ensuring that presents don’t get broken or forgotten. For joint parties, have separate tables to avoid present mix- ups!

3. Allow yourself plenty of time. You want to be arriving 30 mins before the party starts so make sure you leave enough travel time, as well as a little extra for contingencies. Your child will be super excited so bringing along a calm activity to do at the start of the party can help. I recommend colouring.

4. Buy high quality balloons! Filling the room with balloons looks great and playing with them gives the children a fun no pressure activity for the start of the party. BUT! If you buy cheap balloons and then over-inflate them, be warned: your party may sound like a warzone as the balloons pop loudly over the next few hours. This is unpleasant and distracts the kids. I recommend spending a little extra on balloons.

5. Expect people to arrive at different times. For example, if you say 2pm on your invitations you may get a child dropped off at 1.50pm and still be waiting for the last arrival at 2.10pm. Factor this in and discuss it with your entertainer. The best way to make your party a success is to book an experienced children’s entertainer. Fill out my contact form and I’ll get back to you with all the info you need to throw an amazing kid’s party.


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